5 Step For Organizing Valet Parking For House Party

priti jardar
3 min readJul 19, 2022

Suppose you want to arrange a family reunion, but suppose you can not organize a parking facility, then a messianism is created in front of your house. If you want to be free from this problem, then the best solution is to appoint a car parking management company and organize valet parking for house party. Now the question is how to arrange the valet parking. It is very easy. You need to follow a few steps that can help you run the parking system.

Step one

If you want to arrange valet service for a house party, make sure that there is enough space near the venue you choose to park a lot of cars. If you arrange the party in a hotel or in a banquet hall, then there is no problem because they have the facility of a separate parking area, but if you arrange the party in your house, then make sure that an open field or street is available for car parking near your home.

Step two

In the next step, set up a sign board that can help your guests know the right direction of the parking area. You also set up a stage in valet parking for house party for keeping the car keys. Almost every car parking management company provides you with an expert employee who will help your guests park their cars.

Step three

You can take valet parking from professionals. You can make out the outfit the valet service provider wears as a proper manager. If the event type is formal, then you must wear a formal outfit. In your case, you arrange a house party, which means it is an informal party, and then they wear Hawaiian shirts. The outfit of service providers makes them professional and trustable toward your guest.

Step four

Before arranging valet parking for house party you can count the number of guests to your party and when they come to your party. As per the number of them, you can arrange the space and appoint the valet service attendant. It will help to run a smooth parking system.

Step five

You must determine in advance how to control the tipping of the valet, which means if you want, you can allow them to take tipping as per the theme, or you can pay a small tip after the service, or you can reject all tips.

You should remember the tip when you book a parking management company. You should add some extra services like when your guest comes, the valets open the car doors for guests, they can serve coffee or juice when your guest waits in the valet line, etc.

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