Guide to Valet Parking for Weddings Planners

priti jardar
3 min readJul 26, 2022


Are you a wedding planner? Then I am quite sure that you will remain super busy when the wedding season approaches. If you are thinking of starting your own valet parking for weddings or making plans to hire a valet parking service in your area, then let me help you with the full details of making sure your valet service is as successful as the rest of the wedding. Check out the quick guide that will help you with setting up valet parking for weddings as mentioned below.

  1. Appoint An Efficient Valet Team

Have you ever imagined how irritating it is to be parked or picked up? To avoid this, you need to hire enough valet team members to ensure an effective and smooth service where parking and retrieving a vehicle are on standby. In that case, no one should have to wait for their vehicle, and this will lead to saving your customers’ time.

2. Estimated Budget for your Valet parking for Weddings

The foremost thing you have to do is to confirm whether your wedding party can afford valet parking for wedding service and budget accordingly. At this stage, you need to sit down with your customers and discuss your affordable rates and packages with them.

You need to decide to whom you are going to provide your valuable service and for what purpose. For example- you have decided to provide your services for high-end luxury-style events. Your clients will be, in that case, corporations, large organizations, fancy restaurants, as well as luxury wedding clients.

3. Explore all the available services

You can offer both valet parking and transportation service to and from your event. You can also transport your entire wedding party or even pick up guests from the hotel or airport. You can properly define your entire route and accommodate as many rides as per your customer’s needs.

You can also offer SUVs and luxury vehicles in your valet parking for weddings. Keep in mind that all your vehicles should be well maintained and safe, and one more thing is that your drivers should be insured and certified.

4. Book your valet parking for weddings in advance

Always keep in mind that when there is a word in advance, it means that your customer should get an opportunity to reserve his/her valet service six to twelve months in advance.

Although you are booked for wedding season, you should always keep in mind that you should call your prearranged customer when the dates come nearby. You should always remain available to help your customers.

Valet service makes your customer’s wedding event will prosper because of your valet service, which everyone will be talking about. Besides, you can also offer valet parking for businesses, valet parking for weddings, and valet parking for mall and weddings. You can help by scheduling your customer’s event dates in advance and going over the details so that your customer’s wedding goes as planned. Make your customer reach out to you through your official website or contact your contact number.



priti jardar